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with AI and Blockchain

About us

We provide software integration and implementation services.
We specialize in optimizing work processes and solving business problems with the help of AI
and Blockchain, which are the most innovative and reliable areas of our time.
Together with outstanding entrepreneurs, we develop and implement high-tech products
in various fields and industries.

Expertise and Services


  • Web and Mobile Applications
  • Enterprise Mobility
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Blockchain
  • Security Solutions
  • UX Consulting


  • Mobile Application Development
  • Software Product Development
  • Product Customization
  • Technical Support
  • Market Research
  • Dedicated Team

Our products

Omni Compressor

Our solution compresses the data stream from surveillance cameras up to 95%. The solution works both for small enterprises and for organizations with thousands of cameras and terabytes of information. It significantly reduces the cost of data storage and transmission, ensures their safety and security. It is widely used all over the world from the USA to UAE in the military sphere, city infrastructure, shopping centers, gas stations, and even schools.

Omni Shield

OmniShield is a single software platform that fuses landline, video and access control into one common operational picture. OmniShield consumes less power, requires less maintenance and increases redundancy and survivability. Eliminating the majority of hardware in a system also makes the solution highly scalable. It cuts operational costs by offering multiple session support and thereby allowing an operator to act as an entire command center. Reduces bandwidth consumption by up to 96% and slashes a lot of your capital costs and staffing, allowing a single operator to do the job of an entire control room and access recordings from anywhere.

Smart Document Management System

Systematic storage of documents, both paper and electronic. Companies have terabytes of information and finding something particular is time-consuming and requires an effort, even if it is in digital form. Our ready-made AI solution will help to collect and organize all papers and electronic information in one place, protect against hacking and loss of documents, rank access levels, quickly find any data using open questions in the internal search bar, store deleted documents and the sequence of changes in them for years or vice versa permanently erase records immediately after deletion.

Predictive Monitoring

Prediction allows businesses to make highly accurate guesses as to the likely outcomes of a question based on historical data. The more data the company has the more precise a prediction would be. We're using an unique approach for prediction based on a mix of logic and statistical information. Explainability is an important part of machine learning - we're using a unique approach to make your data speak.

Smart Ticketing System

Sell tickets for any event safely, without speculators and intermediaries. Using blockchain technology, we created a product that allows you to track the entire chain of ticket sales and resales. The event owners could see who, at what cost and when purchased the ticket, did the owner sell the ticket to someone else (at what cost if so), and who would eventually attend the event. Our system allows the event sponsors to contact participants directly, which significantly reduces the cost of promo materials, and therefore, increases a sponsorship contribution.

E-Money System

We have a ready-made solution on Blockchain, which reduces the risks of any financial transaction to zero. The solution is relevant for any field and is most in-demand in buying and selling (physical goods, services), crowdfunding, e-money, any money transfers, real estate markets, joint ownership of assets (from paintings to land), within investor relations. The product allows you to keep records of the slightest changes in assets, to see the chain of all previous and current owners. It guarantees complete transparency, prevents fraud, provides full control to asset owners and allows you to configure access levels.

Your Customized Product

Any of our products can be easily changed to customer needs. We add/remove functionality, change the interface, provide white-label licensing and much more. Also, we’re developing any customized solutions for the client from scratch using Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, including both Web and mobile technologies. Send us a request and we will contact you back.

How we work

Process Analysis

We analyze the structure and business processes of your company. Analysis results are processed as simple understandable blocks.


We identify which aspects of company processes can be improved and/or optimized. Then we clearly articulate the goal and means of achieving it.


We integrate the turnkey solution into your company, provide the use instruction and access keys. The turnkey solution can be both in the web version, and/or in the mobile.


After the project is done, we stay in touch with you to ensure that the implemented solution works smoothly and effectively.

Our address
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