Adapting to Covid-19 – Toughest Business Challenge by far

Here’s what you can learn:
✔ New Normal has been defined – Businesses need to accept and adapt
✔ Business continuity plan needs to be redrafted
✔ Banking solutions needed are very different from the pre-COVID-19 ones
✔ HR practices for engagement have been left archaic
✔ Social distancing has disrupted all contact delivery channels – How should the banks respond?
✔ Loss of Trust overnight – Can Blockchain solve this as well?

The webinar will be interesting for:
✔ financial, government officials and business people who are involved in blockchain and fintech domains;
✔ people who are engaged in the digitalization of financial processes and financial security ensuring;
✔ people who are integrated blockchain technology into business processes.

Zubair Ahmed,
Zubair Ahmed is the Executive Vice President & General Manager of Middle East & Africa for Veripark. Previous to this role, Zubair spent nearly 3 decades in challenging leadership roles, at the heart of the Finance Technology industry. A Harvard Alumni, with 28+ years of IT & financial industry experience, he enjoys been customer-facing and engaging businesses in the strategic use of technology. Excels in enterprise transformation, has led and produced compelling results in creating business innovation at the grass-roots of the organization. As the Chairman of the UBF IT Committee, Zubair led the technology agenda for banks, enabling collaborations and advisory with the regulators. In his new challenge, Zubair spearheads Veripark’s quest towards “Enabling Banks, Go Digital”. In the capacity of an advisory board member, Zubair empowers companies such as Granthium, Search, Cradle Labs in formulating their value proposition towards the right audience.

Author of the book “Power To Kids” which serves as a guide in ‘applying quality & management principles to parenting’. Actively involved with a number of non-profit causes across the region. As an ardent speaker and a life coach, Zubair is regularly featured in numerous conferences around the world.

In the Fintech space, Zubair has served as a mentor and coach in several initiatives internationally. As a regular contributor to publications, Zubair has authored articles on the association and healthy coexistence of Fintechs and Banks, which have been published in magazines such as CIO Applications, The Fintech Times (UK) to name a few.

Dr. Pavel Kravchenko,
Cryptographer, Ph.D. in technical sciences, Co-founder & CEO of Distributed Lab, a Center for the development of blockchain solutions for financial markets, author of the books “Blockchain and Decentralized Systems”, “Financial Internet”.
Since 2014, Pavel has carried out over twelve full-term courses on blockchain technology and related topics in universities of Ukraine and Israel. Furthermore, the dozens of blockchain events are driven by him every year. They are from intensive small-format meetups and hackathons to VIP events for the industry leaders and large-scale international conferences.