AI As A Service For Enhanced Security

AIaaS For Security

AI as a Service For Security

Artificial Intelligence is not a new technology in the security domain. More often we hear about the solutions in the field of cybersecurity. And this is not surprising, since AI is aimed specifically at the field of digital technologies. Let’s dive deeper into AI as a service for cybersecurity – read on.

Data processing, early detection of all kinds of threats, pattern recognition – this is not a complete list of the AI ​​influence zone in the modern world. Consider AI as a security solution that goes beyond the boundaries of the standard perception of digitalization.


The Military is the main consumer of advanced AI technologies in the field of security. Artificial intelligence continues to develop in almost all areas of the Military. Certain elements of AI or intelligent control systems in the Armed Forces are already being actively used, for example:

  • Target detection, decoding, and a signal interception
  • AI can recognize targets and keep them in sight
  • AI warns employees that after a certain period of time a car will need a specific spare part for repair.

Such software is installed on several dozen Bradley M2A3 infantry fighting vehicles. It monitors such engine parameters as

  • temperature,
  • speed,
  • coolant condition.

Drones and robots to secure the perimeter without human intervention

For example, the US Department of Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) is going to develop artificial intelligence for American combat aircraft. The project was named Air Combat Evolution (ACE). It is assumed that the AI ​​will bring the autopilot systems to a new level of quality and the fighters controlled by it will be able to react faster than the pilots.


AI is used in shuttles launch control, tracking the behavior and navigation of artificial satellites, spacecraft, probes, and even rovers, and also monitors their technical health.

For example, to monitor the status of satellites, specialists use AI systems that continuously monitor the performance of all kinds of sensors. Such systems can not only notify people about any problems but also solve them without any human help.

SpaceX equipped its satellites with sensor systems and mechanisms that can track the position of the vehicle and adjust it to avoid collisions with other space objects.


Smart systems for managing smart cities and smart homes using AI solutions fall into this category. Recent advances in IoT, artificial intelligence, smart grids, and meters are driving the development of this trend around the world.

AI enables computational analysis of large datasets to identify trends that are used to inform government decisions and improve their efficiency.

The artificial intelligence used by the adaptive signaling network can analyze information about the current state of traffic in the city. The network can then distribute the green light in such a way as to maximize the road’s capacity.

For example, in Singapore, sensors and cameras built into an existing digital smart system are helping the government assess road traffic performance and efficiency and identify safety issues such as potholes or dangerous areas.

License plate and face recognition helps police to instantly identify the perpetrator or the culprit. For example, to improve security in public places, the city has installed over 62,000 police cameras in municipal neighborhoods and car parks.

Here’s an example of a ready-made solution available on the market: OMO Smart Building

OMO is the state-of-the-art facility management solution, the changing reality of smart buildings in an increasingly connected day and age. OMO – the Smart Building Ecosystem unlocking the value of IoT and technologies involved for years to come.

It applies across Smart Facilities, Business Centres, Multi-apartment buildings, Managed facilities, empowering smart buildings with intelligence and providing actionable insights:

  • Leakage control system
  • Smart lighting system
  • Window opening and heating control system
  • Smart access control system
  • Security system inside the building
  • The smart video surveillance system


AI autopilots and traffic control became the new level of road safety, likewise in freight and passenger transportation. Such automated systems based on AI solutions can:

  • function without human intervention,
  • analyze logistic data, select vehicles and assign drivers,
  • choose the best contractors,
  • determine the best alternative port or the best route for transportation,
  • independently build supply chains,
  • plan optimal routes and connecting flights,
  • calculate the time of arrival of transport at the destination,
  • predict what difficulties may arise in the process of cargo movement, including technical ones, etc.

All of the above reduces risks and increases the level of safety of the entire transport process and ultimately, – people.

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Here’s the list of a few main AI applications to improve business security:

  1. Banking (risk management, early detection of threats, trade, and financial bots consultants).
  2. Information security (anti-fraud technologies, analysis of old threats and prevention of new ones, information for creating a common database).
  3. Industry (machine interaction and integrated enterprise management information systems (ERP): control of production processes, their optimization, equipment diagnostics, information on breakdowns, preventive measures, warehouse management systems, etc.).
  4. Trade (AI, big data, and deep learning to determine the greatest consumer demand and predict trade trends in the future: analysis of buying activity and the effectiveness of marketing strategies, purchasing management, developing personalized loyalty programs, deep analytics, protecting consumers from data loss and fraud).
  5. Healthcare (diagnostics based on symptoms, control of equipment and treatment process, etc.).
  6. Finance (AI analyzes customer behavior and identifies suspicious transactions so that the security department can react and respond in time. The result is the absence of financial losses, system security, and user confidence).


This is just a small part of the AI capabilities for security. Of course, you can invent your own AI solution, but why not save time and money by taking a ready-made AI solution and tailor it to your business needs? – That’s much more effective than developing something from scratch, wasting time and opportunities in a dynamically changing world.

The market offers many ready-made solutions that can be tested without significant losses. This is the main attraction of AIaaS, and security solutions are no exception.