AI as a Service In Transportation

AI continues to disrupt most business domains, including the transportation sector.

It is already applied in numerous transport fields –

  • helping cars, trains, ships, and airplanes to function autonomously,
  • making traffic flows smoother,
  • and transforming their mundane processes.

Machine learning combined with technologies used for searching and analyzing big data pushed the limits of AI solutions.

The future of AI in transport can be even more spectacular with the recently developed AI as a service solutions (learn more about what is AI as a Service).

AI Applications in Transportation

These applications of artificial intelligence turn out to be all over the world:

Current Challenges of the Transportation industry

AI seems to revolutionize the transportation sector – some of its applications seem even sci-fi (like autonomous taxi service), and some are too mundane (like traffic management). And it comes without saying that many organizations strive to keep this pace.

Speaking of commercial enterprises, most logistics and transportation organizations collect data about their motor vehicles in real-time. They include primarily – 

  • distance,
  • location,
  • overspeeding,
  • harsh braking, etc.

Still, this big data don’t make much sense for managers and C-levels without any actionable insights. How can organizations use this info to optimize routes, repair assets, or keep drivers safe?

It always takes time to manage the big data, identify patterns, and derive actionable insights out of them. And these are the biggest challenges of the transportation sector today.

How can AI as a Service help tackle these challenges?

AI as a Service, Machine learning, and related technologies enable managers and C-levels to focus on optimization and responsiveness across the entire logistics and supply chain.

Here’s a couple of examples:

  1. Real-time decision-making

Handling a wide range of complex repetitive tasks, requiring a lot of input data to make the best decision, is always hard. For example, you’ve got a fleet of vehicles and need to select the optimum carrier for tomorrow. What you have to do to complete that task is to combine hundreds of existing drivers, their schedules, and possible routes. 

It can take human a lot of time to do that, but AI will handle within seconds!

  1. Predictive analysis

AI-enabled solutions can help reducing risks and accidents, managing them in real-time, basing on predictive analysis results. With AIaaS your fleet management becomes smart and easy: 

  • all situations that may happen with commercial motor vehicles are under control with AI-based predictions,
  • annual spending on fuel and maintenance costs with actionable AI forecasts is minimized.
  1. Strategic optimization

C-levels and managers want to know the answers to 3 questions at any moment:

  • Where?
  • When?
  • How?

Where are our vehicles? When will they arrive at their destination? How to optimize the vehicle route? And so on.

Knowing this info lets managers cover the strategical optimization concerns:

  • Prevising car crashes by noticing seat belt violations, overspeeding, etc.
  • Optimizing routes & vehicles.
  • Reduce unwanted driving behaviors during the ride, and much more.

Existing AI as a Service solution for the transportation industry

RevoFleet: AI-powered fleet management​

RevoFleet is the cutting-edge AI-enabled fleet management software by Innohub, helping to predict vehicle maintenance and efficiently manage all the risks.​

The system provides dashboards with real-time analytics and historical reports for​

  • customer operating costs, including vehicle and fuel costs in real-time;​
  • prevents downtime and increases operation efficiency;​
  • driver behavior management;
  • vehicle geo-tracking.​

This solution helps to manage any vehicle fleet easier and more efficiently, reduces vehicle accidents due to AI-enabled predictive maintenance.​

FleeTrack Dashboard: AI to accelerate fleet workflows​

FleeTrack – the AI-powered dashboard designed by Innohub to accelerate fleet operations with the real-time analysis of vehicles based on incoming big data and AI-driven predictions. It visualizes discoverable and clear to analyze reports to be under safety regulations: 

  • Analyze the data and consider AI-based predictions to increase vehicle work cycles and decrease breaches.
  • Stay informed in real-time and be ready to avoid unplanned events with smart AI forecasts.
  • Get AI predictions for the most vital metrics (Driving / Standing, Fleet events, Total driving time, Total mileage, Total trips, and ADNOC events).
  • Build instant smart AI-powered fleet management by using all vehicle resources to optimize delivery time and costs.

How does FleeTrack work?

FleeTrack works as easy as one-two-three:

  1. Deploy: Plug-in devices into your corporate vehicles and connect the Ctrack system.
  2. Synchronize: AI-powered FleeTrack Dashboard will get the data automatically from the system by using Ctrack’s API.
  3. Manage: Stay notified about all events happening with the vehicles – speed information, locations, mileage, driving/standing, and view smart AI predictions.
  4. Organize: Keep and view all metrics on one screen, assess the situation at a glance, use AI predictions to cut costs on repairs, save time on routes, and much more.

Lessons Learned

  • AI as a Service solutions can make the future of AI in transportation even more spectacular than expected.
  • Augmenting the human role, AIaaS helps to overcome the existing challenges in the transportation industry, allowing to make decisions in real-time, providing precise predictions, and helping in strategic optimization.
  • The existing AIaaS solutions are just the tip of the iceberg! Learn more about the AI opportunities in your business.