AI Policy And Initiatives In The United Arab Emirates

AI Policy And Initiatives In The United Arab Emirates


The United Arab Emirates is a country where traditions and the latest technologies are perfectly mixed. The government wants to bring to life plenty of ambitious goals. One of those goals is to become a center for the development of technologies and legislation in the sector of artificial intelligence. Thus, Emirates adopts, implements, and introduces all the most innovative and best of its kind. 


The future is… now! 

Imagine the city of the future: 

  • environmentally friendly,  
  • technology-savvy,  
  • safe and secure,  
  • beautiful and comfortable. 


AI Policy And Initiatives In The United Arab Emirates

And that is not the wrap – Artificial Intelligence helps the government to manage this city. Artificial Intelligence –  

  • controls the autopilots of public transport,  
  • regulates the energy consumption and supply,  
  • monitors surveillance cameras, 
  • reports incidents to the police, 
  • instantly calls for medical assistance when sensors or cameras have recorded a person who needs help,  
  • communicates with people through virtual assistants and robots.  


And that is only a small part of when AI can help people and the government –  

  • optimize and accelerate the flows of managing cities and states, 
  • improve the living standards of residents.  

Perhaps, for those who have never been to the Emirates, all these may seem a kind of sci-fi. Still, this is already being designed and implemented in the city of the future, which is currently being built – Masdar City, the first eco-city in the world. 


Masdar City is the first smart city in the world – built from scratch, considering the most advanced technologies and environmental friendliness. It serves as an excellent example for transformation for all cities in the Emirates as well as for other countries. 

B.R.A.I.N for innovation 

The Emirates government realized the importance of introducing innovative solutions and AI technology long before many other countries. Thus, they decided to develop the UAE’s National AI Program, which was named B.R.A.I.N. That program is based on a strategic and integrated plan to foster the use of AI to enrich, strengthen and enforce government initiatives and programs across all sectors: 

  • social and community development,  
  • government services,  
  • global partnerships,  
  • information dissemination,  
  • research and analytics,  
  • homeland security. 


The UAE is set to become the World Leaders in AI by 2031 & The National AI Strategy 2031. And they are proving that by establishing the funding program and supporting pilot projects aimed at AI solutions.  

For example, the UAE AI ​​Office is already working with various private sector companies to develop pilot projects in quantum computing to support health diagnostics and global energy management. 


The AI Lab 

The UAE’s AI policy does not just stop at the aid and funding program. They created the AI LAB, which serves as the production line of AI use cases for the city. The AI LAB developments cover all aspects of urban services – from police and security to land management, education, and environmental protection.  

The Artificial Intelligence Lab is a vital testing ground for innovation. It plays an important role in building government competence with this rapidly advancing technology. 


The AI Strategy 

Since 2019, the AI ​​Office in the UAE has been implementing the UAE ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE STRATEGY. The stated goals of this strategy:  

  1. Build a reputation as an AI destination. 
  1. Increase the UAE’s competitive assets in priority sectors through the deployment of AI. 
  1. Develop a fertile ecosystem for AI. 
  1. Adopt AI across government services to improve lives. 
  1. Attract and train talent for future jobs enabled by AI. 
  1. Bring world-leading research capability to work with target industries 
  1. Provide the data and supporting infrastructure essential to become a testbed for AI. 
  1. Ensure strong governance and effective regulation 


Here’s an example of the government initiative deserving to be highlighted – the AI Network. It’s aimed to bring together all the AI ​​experts in the country. Such an approach will help to significantly speed up the process of creating an ecosystem for the development and implementation of advanced AI products and solutions. 


AI Policy And Initiatives In The United Arab Emirates

These solutions include the emergence of unmanned ground and air taxis. Also, drones for transporting passengers to their destination by air, running regularly like buses, have every chance of becoming a familiar way of getting around in Dubai. 

AI Policy And Initiatives In The United Arab Emirates

Also, the Head of the intellectual service department of the Dubai Police announced the creation of the world’s first police station operating without human employees. Instead, visitors will be greeted by robots that will become part of a single mechanism to protect order in the UAE. 


“AI is a general-purpose technology with transformative potential in a wide variety of sectors and with implications for the whole of society.” – stated at OCED website. And that is the core of the whole thing – AI can transform the way we live, work, and interoperate every day. 

And the UAE has all the potential to become the world leader with its outstanding AI initiatives!