ATN Corp Touchless Temperature Detecting Camera is a tablet with a thermal sensor and multiple infrared-cameras that instantly check for Fever. The touchless Camera provides safe entrance into a workspace and employee protection.

What is ATN?


We want to feel safe at work, in the fitness and business centers. And nowadays, core tasks for each businessman is to protect ourselves, employees & clients. But how to find a solution that will instantly protect your workhouse and won’t require additional staff?

ATN’s Touchless Temperature Detecting Camera is here to help us make sure people around you are not stricken with Fever is just such a step. Moreover, the device can manually recognize visitors even wearing the mask. Employee time tracking is an additional advantage for business owners. That’s why – ATN Thermal Entry Wizard is an all-in-one platform for the safety & security of your space on the entering stage.


Fast & Touchless

Upon entering the premises and needing to check-in – will do so without using any cards, or fingers, or other ways that can spread the virus between staff.

Prevents Spread of Illness

It’s an automated system that doesn’t require an operator. Every employee will need to register with their photos. So the camera can recognize an employee via a touchscreen interface.

Easy to Use

The modern device with intuitive design easily mounts on a table or entryway. When the camera detects abnormal temperature, turns on triggers voice prompt.

Touch-free time clock for employees

A second important task can be solved by ANT, the Thermal Entry Wizard can easily replace your Time-Clock for tracking employees coming on time or being late.

Technical Features

Android-based software gives tons of options through settings:

  • Recognition distance: 0.3 to 1.8 m
  • Multiple authentication modes are available: card and temperature, face and temperature, card and face and temperature
  • Face mask-wearing alert is an option that can be enabled
  • Triggers voice prompt when detecting abnormal temperature

One solution to:

  • Protect from the virus
  • A sense of safety for customers and employees
  • Employees time tracking
  • Face detection of your employees and visitors


A highly accurate ATN camera is a strategic important tool for keeping our spaces safe. The ATN Thermal Entry Wizard can give your employees and customers peace of mind by making sure that only fever-free individuals are granted access to your place of business.

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