Blockchain applications in cyber security

Here’s what you can learn:
During the webinar, we explained how blockchain can be useful to achieve several security requirements, common to most applications. We illustrated how some projects and initiatives are in the process of joining these two fields: blockchain and cybersecurity to provide heightened security.

The event will be interesting for:

✔ financial, government officials and business people who are involved in blockchain and fintech domains;

✔ people who are engaged in the digitalization of financial processes and financial security ensuring;

✔ people who are integrated blockchain technology into business processes.

Expert: Anish Mohammed, Head of Research at Institute of Information Systems at the SRH Hochschule. Anish has so far worked as a cryptographer, strategy consultant and bioinformatician. He has spent half his career researching cryptographic algorithms and protocols at three different research groups including Microsoft Research. He has worked as a strategy consultant for Accenture and Capgemini. He has advised and worked for various banks and financial institutions including AIB, HSBC, Lloyds and Zurich. He was an early advisor to Ripple and spent spare time on the Ethereum Swarm project. He is also the co-founder of EthicsNet, adjunct faculty at Harbour Space and head of research at the Information Sciences Institute at SRH University of Applied Sciences.

Moderator: Dr. Pavel Kravchenko, cryptographer, Ph.D. in technical sciences, Co-founder & CEO of Distributed Lab, a Center for the development of blockchain solutions for financial markets, author of the books “Blockchain and Decentralized Systems”, “ Financial Internet ”. Since 2014, Pavel has carried out over twelve full-term courses on blockchain technology and related topics in universities of Ukraine and Israel. Furthermore, the dozens of blockchain events are driven by him every year. They are from intensive small-format meetups and hackathons to VIP events for the industry leaders and large-scale international conferences.