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Our team consists of researchers, computer engineers, and consultants—all having over 5 years of practical experience in the blockchain space. We work with enterprises and businesses to automate their internal operations, reduce paperwork, and digitize their interaction with customers. Get a Free Consultation
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Digital Identity
E-Money Systems
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Critical Data Protection
Asset Ownership Tokenization

Consulting services
Analysis and audit of business processes
Optimizing work processes
IT products development

Development of TokenD — modular accounting and management system for any asset type

We build asset tokenization solutions for real assets by using proprietary blockchain technology, TokenD.

We mainly specialize in developing security token offering platforms, remittance systems, gift card services, loyalty point programs, digital tickets, crowdfunding platforms, and everything else in between.

Why Do You Need Blockchain Technology for Your Business?

Integrity Integrity Your digital data is protected by cryptography and cannot be changed

Authenticity Authenticity You know the initiator
of each data-log in the system

Transparency Transparency You can verify and audit
all events in real-time
Legal tech
Real Estate
Smart Cities
Oil and Gas

Why Us

Over the past 5 years, we have worked with more than 500 projects. We have assisted and built a variety of solutions, from a digital bank in Germany, a pilot CBDC system for the National Bank of Ukraine to a blockchain-based voting system for a democratic political party.

Since we began, we dedicate ourselves to create blockchain technology that is simple for everyone while providing new benefits for the government agencies and private enterprises involved. For us, data integrity, authenticity, and transparency are as important as they are for our clients.


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