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IDEX & Navdex 2021: Short Flashback

IDEX and NAVDEX 2021 recently hosted in Abu Dhabi, and culminated with exceptional results, launching the post-Covid pandemic recovery.

The quantum world of the future and post-quantum cryptography

The quantum world is knocking more and more on our present, bringing huge changes, new technologies, and inventions. Post-quantum cryptography is one of the most important parts of this new world.

Smart contracts: Benefits and Advantages

Have you ever made a deal? And have you always been 100% sure that the other party would fulfill all its obligations under the contract? The answer is obvious, and here come the pains of both parties using a traditional approach to contracts...

The fintech opportunities in MENA

Here are a few highlights of what we’ve discussed here: - The number of startups in the MENA region is increasing exponentially. Today there are thousands of them versus the situation 10 years before when there were only about 80 startups. - Payment, Lending, and Blockchain comprise about 70% of

Pandemic Management System Powered by Blockchain & AI

Key highlights of the upcoming webinar: Digital Transformation Solution to counter COVID-19 outbreak and in doing so save lives & support efficient economic recovery, Smart management leveraging blockchain technology and artificial intelligence in the pandemic era.

Shifting in the world of sales in the face of the future

Tackling sales issues, optimizing sales processes, tuning marketing workflows - these activities are a must for all companies to stay afloat and keep profit high in 2021.

What’s Next In Payments

Covid-19 has changed a lot, including the way customers look at payment options. Aligning with clients’ vision is the top priority for businesses today.

Key challenges in adopting AI in enterprise

Enterprises adopt Artificial Intelligence more and more, realizing that it is the ultimate source of business value. Still, CXOs of many organizations debate whether to implement AI or not.