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Discovery phase in the software development process

The project discovery phase helps to eliminate never-ending project scope, and budget overruns, leapfrog software architecture, and business logic mistakes.

Cybersecurity as a part of business strategy

Many companies have been relying on digital workflows before the COVID-19 crisis. Today most organizations globally implement a remote working style, tackling cybersecurity issues.

Digital Voting With Blockchain

Digital voting employs electronic devices. The main concern of this process was always its security. Blockchain technology can solve security issues and provide a high level of data safety.
2021 blockchain Trends

Blockchain Trends 2021

2020 will hit the road in a month, shifting the entire paradigm for the technology world (and the rest of the world, of course). Experts already had their say regarding 2021 trends in blockchain and related fields.

TOP 10 Artificial Intelligence Challenges in 2021

All challenges and limitations AI is currently facing may be divided into three groups: Data, People, Business. Data challenges mostly relate to data volume and quality. People challenges touch on general understanding AI, and the lack of experts on the market, while business issues are mostly on business alignment and

Will tokenization revolutionize business?

During the webinar, we will explain how tokenization revolutionizes business and help to achieve new levels of efficiency.

Blockchain applications in cyber security

During the webinar, we explained how blockchain can be useful to achieve several security requirements, common to most applications. We illustrated how some projects and initiatives are in the process of joining these two fields: blockchain and cybersecurity to provide heightened security.

Artificial Intelligence Applications in TOP 3 Business Domains

According to the Accenture global research report, 84% of C-level executives say they have to scale AI to achieve their growth goals. Also, 75% of executives believe they risk going out of business if they will not leverage AI within the next five years.