Pandemic Management System Powered by Blockchain & AI

Key highlights of the upcoming webinar: Digital Transformation Solution to counter COVID-19 outbreak and in doing so save lives & support efficient economic recovery, Smart management leveraging blockchain technology and artificial intelligence in the pandemic era.

How To Keep Users In The Loop Using a Chatbot

How to provide customers’ smooth experience and keep them attracted? Enhancing consumer engagement is one of the main chatbot’s benefits. For example, social media are supporting engagement, while chatbots make it more interactive, thus live.
A Chatbot is an AI-enabled virtual assistant smart enough to emulate human-like conversations with its user.

TOP 10 Artificial Intelligence Challenges in 2021

All challenges and limitations AI is currently facing may be divided into three groups: Data, People, Business. Data challenges mostly relate to data volume and quality. People challenges touch on general understanding AI, and the lack of experts on the market, while business issues are mostly on business alignment and legal planes.

AI-powered chatbot: enabling business automation

Today chatbots are not the same as they used to be even three years ago. The technology has advanced. And now it makes a demonstrable impact on industries, implementing it.
Chatbot highlights:
– saves employees hours,
– offers personalized customers experience,
– provides guided, human-like assistance to its consumers.

Artificial Intelligence Basics In 6 Minutes

The comprehensive goal of artificial intelligence raised a lot of questions and debates, insomuch that there is still no singular definition of the field universally accepted. The major limitation of defining AI as ‘building intelligent machines’ is that it doesn’t even explain what artificial intelligence is, and what makes a machine intelligent?

Artificial Intelligence test article 4 nice title

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