Future of trust, why blockchain

Here’s what you can learn:
Let’s face it: we all have trust issues. And the complexities of trust are compounded and magnified by our ability to access unvetted information globally, wirelessly, and in real-time. What is considered fiction or fact, authentic or copied, real or fake is made relative based on what is trending. Therefore, TRUST in its current forms is fragile. “Easy to break, easy to lose, and one of the hardest things to ever get back.” So, in this digitally interconnected world that has emerged post-COVID, how, what, and whom we trust must be more robust and dependable than the past. Or risk a future where those who control and manipulate trends, decide for us what is trust-worthy. We used this session to explore how Blockchain is ushering in an alternative and laying the foundation for the Future of Verifiable Trust.

The event will be interesting for:
✔ financial, government officials and business people who are involved in blockchain and fintech domains;
✔ people who are engaged in the digitalization of financial processes and financial security ensuring;
✔ people who are integrated blockchain technology into business processes.

Damu Winston is an American based in Dubai, an engineer with a focus on developing digital strategies, products, and services.

A two time Amazon Best Seller:
– I Don’t Trust You: But Blockchain and Bitcoin Will Help.
– The HBCU Experience Anthology: North Carolina A&T University Edition.

Damu an early adopter of emerging technologies, like
Blockchain, AI, VR, and graphene. Following a career in consulting within the emerging technologies and innovation domains, which span the United States and countries in the Middle East Damu has expanded into training and authoring literature about Blockchain and its impact on businesses and society as a whole.

Dr. Pavel Kravchenko, cryptographer, Ph.D. in technical sciences, Co-founder & CEO of Distributed Lab, a Center for the development of blockchain solutions for financial markets, author of the books “Blockchain and Decentralized Systems”, “ Financial Internet ”.
Since 2014, Pavel has carried out over twelve full-term courses on blockchain technology and related topics in universities of Ukraine and Israel. Furthermore, the dozens of blockchain events are driven by him every year. They are from intensive small-format meetups and hackathons to VIP events for the industry leaders and large-scale international conferences.

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