How To Keep Guests and Visitors Safe During Covid-19 Pandemic?

Businesses are interested in keeping the economy running, and they care about keeping their facilities, visitors, and employees safe during the coronavirus outbreak.  

People take standard protection measures on the individual level, for example, washing and sanitizing hands, wearing masks, and others to combat the virus spread. Also, workplaces take precautionary steps to protect their employees. 

Most companies have gone remote so far, but there are still a lot of organizations or essential services that can’t apply that option: 

  • office centers,  
  • residential estate,  
  • hotels,  
  • military and government facilities, 
  • manufacturing, 
  • healthcare facilities, etc. 

The point is that their visitors or guests present a potential risk if they recently traveled to high-risk countries or even interacted with someone who had. Businesses and other organizations follow the latest UAE covid-19 rules still the issue of keeping visitors safe arises every day. 

Visitor Management System for additional safety 

Many businesses use visitor management systems (or access control systems), but they are not fully digitized. Meaning there are steps requiring guest’s physical involvement, and it’s not appropriate during the pandemic. 

What is VMS? 

Visitor management systems track, record, and manage the arrival, presence, and departure of employees, guests, and visitors to an office or any other managed facility. Guests and visitors might include: 

  • contractors,  
  • delivery personnel,  
  • workers’ friends or family members,  
  • clients or potential clients,  
  • job candidates,  
  • other non-staff who visit the facility not often and have no permanent access control credentials. 

What is the purpose of VMS? 

VMS has a few purposes: 

  • scheduling visitors, 
  • documenting and tracking arrival, presence, and departure, 
  • storing visitor’s information, 
  • eliminating lines at reception, 
  • increasing workplace health and safety, 
  • utilizing touchless access solutions. 

Key features of good VMS 

  1. Pre-registration (or remote registration): the possibility to preregister the expected guests for a specific date and time. Usually, it’s even required to preregister and fill in the necessary information. 
  1. Touchless: this feature allows contactless entry to real estate or other facilities. Using apps or QR codes to access the facility serves as an additional precaution measure. 
  1. Ease of use: self-serving is important – guests should have an opportunity to register themselves in a few clicks. 
  1. Fast check-in and –out: quick check-in procedure eliminates the excessive interactions, allowing to pass the tourniquets easily. Fast check-in to hotels is really helpful nowadays. 
  1. Visitors counting: this feature is useful for security reasons and such events as evacuation, for instance. The information about who is inside will always be available. 

SendPass: a fully digitized VMS as an additional safety measure 

SendPass is a touchless visitor management system securing Business Centers, hotels, and managed business facilities during COVID-19. 

Covid-19 complied features: 

  • one-time 15 seconds registration for a seamless experience, 
  • in-app sign-in and sign-out, 
  • on-the-go approach – a smartphone with the installed app for iOS/Android is the only thing necessary both for visitors and hosts. 

Additional security features: 

  • using a blockchain to record all visits and trackback information later: secure, cryptography-driven ledger for handling user permissions to facilities, 
  • visitors verification during their initial sign up for security reasons, 
  • pre-registration of visitors with QR code, 
  • sending and managing an invitation to a visitor in 1 click. 

Integration features and additional advantages for business facilities: 

  • plug-and-play solution with easy set up the end-to-end VMS, 
  • enhanced security due to all visitors authentication, 
  • touchless technology secures during COVID-19: contactless check-in (to hotels and other facilities) – visitor registers in-app without any physical interaction with other people, 
  • visitors log in to fetch this information later: digital identity – with our new authorization technology, every pass is like digital money – safe and secure – and may be sent via iOS/Android app in seconds, 
  • guest-centric approach – no lines or long-lasting paper registration: NFC based – visitors scan their QR pass via NFC terminal like Apple Pay or Google Pay. 


These days most effective Visitor / Access Management Systems should consider not only security, ease of use, user experience, and advanced analytics but also features necessary in this global pandemic challenge.