IDEX & Navdex 2021: Short Flashback

IDEX 2020

The 15th edition of IDEX and NAVDEX 2021 was held at the end of February in Abu Dhabi, and culminated with exceptional results, launching the post-Covid pandemic recovery. We composed the list of products (including software) with a key focus on advanced technology exposed there. Our company with partners exhibited this year, and that list is solely a subjective opinion – not an official rating.

Deftech International and Innohub Group
  1. Edge Group presented varied products, including: 
  • the anti-ship cruise missile
  • patrol boards
  • air defense missiles
  • UGVs / ARV
  • smart loitering munitions.

This Abu-Dhabi-based company is a serious player in the defense and security arena.

2. Abu Dhabi Aviation – the largest commercial helicopter operator in the Middle East – showcased its expertise in providing all kinds of helicopter services from

  • filming
  • aerial work
  • lifting loads 
  • VIP & Executive helicopter transport. 

ADA can offer almost any service for helicopters. ADA’s extensive Maintenance & Engineering MRO capability has also become a leading service in the region.

3. Based in Dubai, Ai Nano Lab (CYNAX) is using artificial intelligence and machine learning to improve intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance capabilities. The company presented two devices:

  • AiPOD
  • BAiT.

AiPOD is designed to more intelligently acquire and adapt data for the perception system. This advancement in CYNAX technology further strengthens its biomimicry approach to visual perception, essentially enabling optical devices to see and perceive more to better evaluate potential hazards and alert dangerous situations.


BAiT is the latest airborne reconnaissance solution in the form of a Nano-UAV. BAiT offers next-generation capabilities for Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance (ISR). Weighing approximately 60 grams, combined with a minimalistic form factor, it enhances the dismounted foot soldier whose protection and offensive capability are largely limited to what can be carried or worn. BAiT acts as a force multiplier and provides unprecedented tactical situational awareness.


4. Alliance Solution Group (ASG) is the UAE’s premier provider of Emergency Management and Environmental, Health, and Safety Services for the Defence Industry.

ASG launched their new Argus Elite® Hazmat sUAS at IDEX 2021. The Argus Elite® sUAS is an innovative drone with integrated Hazardous Materials sensors and powered by an electric ducted fan that ensures accurate HazMat readings. These sensors paired with EO/IR cameras allow CBRNE/HazMat teams, Emergency Managers and First Responders to collect and process hazard information in real-time which increases situational awareness and enhances decision making without putting anyone at risk to the hazard.

5. Kalashnikov Group – is the Russian largest manufacturer of combat automatic and sniper rifles, artillery-guided projectiles, precision weapons, and a wide range of civil products. The new product lines of the Kalashnikov activities are: 

  • remote-controlled combat modules
  • unmanned aerial vehicles
  • high-speed airborne and assault boats for special purpose units
  • civilian shipbuilding
  • automotive equipment
  • combat automated (robotic) systems 
  • and modular tactical vests (Plate Carrier).

The local news showcase the products

The closing day was remarkable since one of the showcase products got to the local news! This is exciting that people and businesses started to appreciate AI and #cybersecurity technologies.

Today, in the era of Covid, #AI won a lot of attention – businesses and the public sector rapidly implement this technology to save money and employees time first of all.

Pulsologic in the spot!

We and our partners exhibited right beside Kalashnikov Group at IDEX 2021 and attracted a lot of visitors’ attention with our own products. 

The first product showcased was Pulsologic, and it’s even got into the IDEX news digest! 

Pulsologic is the superior technology for robust human heart rate variability (HRV) contactless detection applicable to many remote on-line and off-line applications.

Focus features:

  1. Fast & contactless;
  2. Performs the most precise contactless HRV measurements using regular web- and other specialized cameras;
  3. Reveals the real current internal state of a human.

Pulsologic can be used for:

  • Contactless remote HRV and stress tracking;
  • Person’s functional and emotional states detection;
  • Person identification & Authentication via remote detection of vital signs presence.

Possible applications: 

Distant monitoring

Effects are persistent to distances. For example, conference cameras work up to 35 meters.

Delinquency prevention

The non-contact detection of criminals, for example, in a crowd of people.

Legal proceedings advancement

The effectiveness of the passport and customs inspections, airports, and border control activities can be significantly enhanced using Pulsologic.


The second product showcased was Omni Compressor:

Omni Compressor is a powerful video stream optimizing software, designed by our developers. It‘s able to adapt to any network environment, including 3G and 4G networks. 

The OmniCompressor is built to compress the real-time video streams for low bandwidth transmission and save data and storage costs by approximately 90 to 99%. 


  • Up to 97% compression per stream;
  • Up to 96% compression per image;
  • Compresses video & audio recordings; 
  • Reliable video streaming over unstable networks;
  • Stream optimizing for low bandwidth.

Possible applications in:

  • Army
  • Navy
  • Security agencies.


The next product we presented at IDEX 2021 was SendPass:

SendPass is a fully digitized touchless visitor management system, securing Business Centers or any other managed facilities, and allowing to avoid registration at the reception, giving control of guests’ permissions.

That is the ultimate solution for

  • business centers,
  • office spaces,
  • co-workings,
  • facilities regularly visited by employees and clients/visitors.

SendPass VMS benefits:

  • contactless registration – visitor registers in-app without any physical interaction with other people,
  • digital identity – with our new authorization technology, every pass is like digital money – safe and secure – and may be sent via iOS/Android app in seconds,
  • NFC-based – visitors scan their QR pass via NFC terminal like Apple Pay or Google Pay.


And the last product we brought to IDEX this year was OmniCom:

OmniCom is the Top-notch VoIP/RoIP Internal/External Communication System (ICS) for the Military.

  • Unique peer-to-peer algorithms for software radio mixing and processing;
  • Integrated communication and recording with unified system administration capability;
  • Advanced click-drag and drop features for bridging radios and patching landlines with radios;
  • Built-in simulation and monitoring capabilities;
  • Most advanced conferencing with sub-conferencing;
  • Integrated record and playback;
  • Enhanced Graphical User Screen: Radio management, Intercom management, Video management, ability to make a call, conference, patch intercom to the radio, monitor, type IM or SMS;
  • Windows and Linux versions available;
  • No extensive hardware.

Extra benefits for customers:

  • Minimizes costs (capital and logistics) by saving on proprietary hardware;
  • Pure software-based architecture;
  • Enhances Operational effectiveness;
  • Seamless interoperability with legacy systems.

Ask our cybersecurity professionals more details about these products here