OMNI software product family offers robust solutions for compressing images, voice, real-time video streams and stored recordings. We provide video compression rate up to 98% without perceivable quality loss, cutting network traffic and storage costs up to 80%, while keeping all the data secure due to built-in AES encryption.



For organizations handling large amounts of CCTV cameras that stream tremendous amounts of video data over the networks, management of costs for internet data transfer and video recordings storage sometimes becomes a real issue. Another significant issue is data security on all stages of collecting, sending, and storing information.

Omni Products remove internet bandwidths limitations for video streams transfer via applying high-level compression that preserves perceivable quality. We have developed five software solutions to optimize expenses, compress content with high quality, encrypt the compressed video/image for data protection.


OMNI Compressor

Omni Compressor is a powerful video stream optimizing software, designed to adapt to any network environment, including 3G and 4G networks. The Omni Compressor is developed for real-time video streaming for low bandwidth transmission & saving data and storage costs by approximately 90 to 99%.

The software benefits:



- Up to 97% compression per stream

- Up to 96% compression per image

– Compress video & audio recordings

– Reliable video streaming over unstable networks

– Stream optimizer for low bandwidth

Army Navy Security Agencies

OmniCompressor for Army

Camera feeds from the Military base are compressed by OmniCompressor. Stored locally and as well transmitted via wireless

OmniCompressor for Navy

Camera feed from cameras inside the ship, as well as from ship tower and turrets, are compressed by OmniCompressor. Stored locally and as well transmitted via radios and SATCOM.

OmniCompressor for Security Agencies

The camera’s from covert operations and locations get compressed by OmniCompressor. Stored locally and as well transmitted Via 3G/4 G, radios, WIFI and SATCOM.

Omni Compressor highlights:

90% bandwidth saving

90% storage-saving

Protection of data by encryption
Stream Image Shield Recorder

OMNI Stream

Omni Stream is a highly customizable video optimization toolkit capable of compressing video files by up to 97% without perceivable loss of quality. Ready to be used as stand-alone or via the web solution for different types of businesses, security agencies, or home viewing. Omni STREAM is the ideal solution for addressing the large digital footprints that accompany quality video files.

The software benefits:

- Reduce storage and transmission costs
- Up to 97% compression per video file
- Compresses individual or bulk number of files
- Adjustable video and audio qualities
- Supports .mp4, .avi, and 80 other video format

OMNI Image

Omni Image is software that compresses any type of image by 80%. It also normalizes all compressed images to JPEG. The software can reside on any PC and Android devices. Omni Image can compress in standalone or batch mode. Also, you may schedule compression time with MS Scheduler.

The software benefits:

- Automatic detection and compression
- Perceptually lossless configurations
- Lightweight, portable, compatible, fast, and highly optimized
- Intelligent analytics, smart optimization
- Up to 96% compression per image

OMNI Shield

Omni Shield is a single software platform that fuses landline, video, and access control into one common operational picture. With peer-to-peer mixing and a distributed system, Omni Shield is highly scalable and incredibly reliable. Integrated voice, data, and video are critical in allowing businesses and public agencies to work together seamlessly.

The software benefits:

- Reduces bandwidth consumption by up to 96%
- Reduce hardware costs and power needs
- Ideal for on-the-move operations
- Drastic reduction of storage costs
- Hardware agnostic

OMNI Recorder

A pure software-based solution that resides in commercial or MIL-STD based computers to provide superior feature sets for strategic, deployable, and tactical operational centers.

The software benefits:

- Voice & video recorder for strategy command center
- Supports login based credential settings
- Provides multi-media archiving capability, with built-in redundancy
- Six Nines with modular design to accommodate 2 to 2000 users


Omni Software offers robust solutions that enhance operational effectiveness and reduce costs by 75%-90% when compared to others in the market today. When you have one of our bespoke and carefully crafted security products installed in your business, you are not just investing in your security and reducing storage needs & bandwidth cost to transmit files and video streams, you are installing a piece of cutting-edge technology that will make your business life comfier.

Reduce costs





  • US Army
  • US Navy
  • UK MoD
  • Canada DND
  • NATO


  • US FBI
  • US CIA
  • US Special Ops Command
  • UK MI6
  • Australia Special Agency
  • US IRS
  • Canada RCMP
  • Canada Ontario Police
  • New Zealand Police


  • Bank’s (three large banks) in
    Jordan, India and Canada
  • Dubai Road & Traffic agency
  • Vietnam Sun Life Insurance
  • Law drug enforcement
  • Canada Large television carrier
  • Saudi Jail video enhancement
  • LuLu Grocery department
  • Bus / School bus / Taxis video
  • Verizon Telco customer’s (US Post)
  • Vietnam smart city and RTA
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