App not only for your office employees but also for the guests to the office, which eliminates the need to register at reception and fully digitizes the invitation of the guests to your office.

What is Sendpass?


Nobody likes to register at the office reception as a guest: you need to insert your name, prove your visit, wait for the host to meet you, etc.

Digital reception with an iPad (or other tablet) removed the paperwork, but the HASSLE FOR GUESTS IS STILL THERE.

Business Analysis

In most access control systems, only information is digitized (who passed and when), but the pass is not properly digital.

It turned out that they use legacy technology on the backend, which prevents them to digitize the pass properly and securely.



Secure, cryptography-driven ledger that handles user permissions to facilities.

Contactless registration

Guests register via an app only once and without the need to interact with anybody.

Digital identity

The new authorization technology makes the pass to an office similar to digital money, which can be securely sent to guests via the app.


Similar to Apple Pay, users scan the pass via NFC terminal or by showing qr-code to the reception.


Create the pilot system based on fintech technology of Distributed Lab, biggest blockchain expertise center in Ukraine

Implement the Sendpass killer feature into UAE business centers

Monitor demand coming from legacy access control systems

Open APIs and implement the digital identity technology into traditional access control systems market


Previous users of blockchain products were tech gigs who didn’t care about user experience and knew the underlying of technology — this knowledge already presented value towards our applications.

Lesson learnt:

Innovation means nothing if it’s not as easy as getting an Uber. In the real world, people don’t care about technologies if they don’t understand THE BENEFIT.

This made us not only improve UX/UI but also to reinvent the app as such, leaving only the most critical features within: scan pass, send pass, meet guest .

Technology Stack

In addition to experts in mobile apps, the Sendpass development team includes full stack developers with over 5 years of experience in blockchain and decentralized technologies.


Fully digitized guest invitation

Guest receives the pass and scans it at the entrance

Group 403

Office host receives push notification

Layer 3

Office host confirms that they are ready to meet

Layer 3

Guest passes the tourniquet

Group 403

Contactless in-app registration of office guests

  • Registration is done only once
  • Made within the app
  • Takes 15 seconds
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